Monday, November 01, 2004

Last Moment Endorsement

Ok, my blog is up and running (well, 2 posts) just in time for an endorsement. Vote Kerry.

Thus far, I think I've kept all my friends, but the explanation is much more scandalous. The single-issue is the "War on Terrorism." Here, I think Bush has the right idea. Our long term strategy has to include a liberal, democratic Middle East. So my problem is not with imperialism, use of force, blood for oil, or any of those sorts of reasons. My problem is with incompetence.

Thankfully, Kerry doesn't want to cut and run, which would immediately disqualify him, in my opinion. We started on the correct path; we need to press on. Kerry will benefit from simply not being Bush; he will start with a clean slate. If he can convince our allies to pitch in, fantastic. Hopefully, Kerry can capitalize on some of the potential that Bush has missed out on due to his gross mismanagement.

On other issues, both have their problems, but that is secondary. If Bush had come through on his promises for Iraq, I would support him, despite his fiscal policy and right-wing social agenda. A second term with a democratic Iraq and Afghanistan in place would have put him in the perfect position to work on Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately, those dreams have mostly evaporated. I don't hold out great hopes for what Kerry can accomplish; I just want him to mitigate the damage.


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