Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Called Out

I suppose I approached the war in Iraq as a "liberal hawk." Perhaps my biggest influence was the book Terror and Liberalism by Paul Berman, who has been called the "maƮtre penseur of the liberal hawks." My endorsement followed the same model that his endorsement and others' did, saying Bush had the right idea, but he was too inept to finish the job.

Well, the "I-Can't-Believe-I'm-A-Hawk Club" has just been called out by Tim Cavanaugh in Reason. It's a little too easy to support the war, blame Bush for any problems that arise, and claim to be on the right side of history if it goes well.

So the question is really, did Bush screw this up worse than I could have realized? Should I have followed
the D-Squared Digest One Minute MBA - Avoiding Projects Pursued By Morons?

More later.

I decided that I can't really be accused of deserting Bush. Supporting a particular policy of his doesn't mean that I owe him my support in the next election if I think the challenger can do better, which I did. Bush won, of course, even without my support.


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