Friday, December 17, 2004

Missile Defense

Another missile defense test has ended in complete failure. This time, the missile never even fired. Fred Kaplan, a long time opponent, again insists we abandon the project. Now, while I certainly wouldn't mind a missile defense system protecting us, the money is better spent on probable threats. Still, Kaplan reads too much into the fact the missile didn't launch. It has launched in other tests. We know how launch missiles. The system is in development, even basic portions can fail.

Why is this so hard? It's like "hitting a bullet with another bullet," I know. Didn't the Patriot missile do just that back in the first Gulf War? Actually, there seems to be some controversy about how well it did.

If only we could just offer a large reward for hitting our bullet. The application fee would cover our launch cost, and if the trial were successful, the company gets the prize. More than defense from missiles, we need defense against paying for failure.


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