Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blue Federalism

After Bush's victory, some liberals want a greater emphasis on states' rights. This has been covered recently in a New York Times Magazine article, among other places.

This strikes me as odd. The intent is clearly to escape the tyranny of the majority, but wouldn't this merely create new, different tyrannies? Perhaps residents of upstate New York would not appreciate the socialist paradise that the urban elite envisions. Forty percent of New York voters chose Bush, so it's not simply that all of New York wants to be more liberal; a large portion would have to be dragged kicking and screaming. The liberals may prefer a liberal tyranny, but they should recognize it for what it is.

Another thing, one of the motivations that has been cited is that blue states no longer want to subsidize red states. So, if I understand this correctly, liberals don't want to continue subsidizing the poor if they keep making bad decisions? Sounds a lot like welfare reform. States' rights and accountability: is this what Ralph Nader meant by attacking the Republicans from the right?


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